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I’m glad to introduce you Pixtury, an italian platform where you can purchase modern wall art for your home at very small prices. It’s very simple, through the gallery you can choose the poster you prefer among a wide selection of photos from known photographers and new ones, you can choose the size and the finishes (they print on different materials, also on canvas). I sent them a picture of my own and I received a copy of great quality, both for the material and for the print itself. It looks perfect in this black frame and is currently traveling around the whole apartment until we find its right place. The funny part is that if you register you are able to sell your own pics on the platform, or you can vote the photos you like during the contests they often organize. My own poster “eyelash” will soon be for sale there, so get a tour and see with your own eyes!

Tempo fa ho iniziato una collaborazione con Pixtury, una piattaforma web italiana dove è possibile acquistare quadri moderni per decorare la tua casa a prezzi contenuti. È molto semplice: sfogliando la galleria puoi scegliere l’immagine che ti più ti piace tra una vasta selezione di fotografie di fotografi conosciuti e non, poi puoi scegliere le misure e la qualità della stampa e del supporto (stampano anche su tela!) che verrà poi accuratamente imballato e spedito direttamente a casa tua. Io ho provato il prodotto con una mia fotografia e ne sono rimasta entusiasta, la copia è di ottima qualità e in casa sta benissimo. La parte divertente e “interattiva” è che registrandosi è possibile vendere le proprie fotografie sulla piattaforma, oppure votare le immagini preferite durante i contest che vengono periodicamente organizzati. Il mio poster “eyelash” sarà presto in vendita sul sito, per cui se ti va di acquistarlo non ti resta che fare clic e dare un’occhiata!

Hace un tiempo empecé a colaborar con Pixtury, una plataforma web italiana donde podes comprar cuadros modernos para decorar tu casa a pequeños precios. Es muy simple: en la galería podes elegir la imagen que mas te gusta entre una gran selección de fotos de fotógrafos conocidos y emergentes, podes elegir las medidas y la calidad de la terminación. Yo probé el producto con una foto mía y el resultado me encantó, tanto por los materiales que por la calidad de la estampa. La parte mas divertida de todo esto es que registrandote podes vender tus propias fotos, o votar las imagenes que mas te gustan durante los contests. Mi poster “eyelash” estará pronto en venta, así que si lo queres comprar o simplemente te interesa ver que ofrecen, hacé clic y hecháte un vistazo!

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Plywood love

minimalist-plywood-kitchen-700x524 minimalist-wood-kitchen-700x524 plywood-cabinet-warm-minimalist-apartment-700x524 warm-minimalist-apartment-bedroom-700x524I interrupted my summer holidays to post about this apartment I found on Ems Designblogg some time ago. I woke up this morning with the thought of it. My time in Italy is almost over and I’m already thinking of renovations for our Buenos Aires apartment, I’ve got plenty of ideas that I will show you soon. As for now enjoy this cheap custom made furniture!


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Hay x ikea

hayxikeabagbutinthemeantime hayxikeachairbutinthemeantimeThe news of the week is that HAY designed a few pieces for IKEA to be released in 2017. Among them I’m excited to see the blue shopping bag in forest green and white. I think it looks much better with the new colors, I’m particularly fond of this item, it’s useful to carry around all the stuff you need, especially for stylists and photographers!! I actually thought more than once to make it in a different color and fabric, but I guess now I’ll just have to wait a few more months.

The green chair was also designed by HAY along with other light furniture such as a bench, a wood table and a lamp.

hayxikeabenchbutinthemeantims hayxikeatablebutinthemeantime hayxikealampbutinthemeantime

I’ll defenitly go for a couple of shopping bags and the lamp!

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New living room set up

butinthemeantimeliving1 butinthemeantimeliving2We installed a huge home theater screen in our living room this week and as a consequence I had to rethink the whole space, we don’t want to move around furniture everyday to be able to actually watch the screen, so I ended up moving the sofa and splitting the bk22 chairs. It’s not definitive at all but it works for now.


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butinthemeantimeroperito1 butinthemeantimeroperito2Compré este roperito en mercadolibre hace años, estaba pintado en gris claro y en pesimo estado obvio!! Lo arreglé y lo pinté en azul oscuro, casi negro. Lo tuve en la entrada un par de años pero ahora estoy reorganizando todo y lo mudé al cuarto de mi hijo, (que a parte era su destinación originaria). Tiene mucho mas sentido en este cuarto para decirla toda, me gusta mucho como quedó acá, se amalgama perfectamente con los colores claros de la cama y de las cortinas.

I bought this little wardrobe four years ago, the original color was terrible but I painted it with this dark blue, much better! I had it in the entrance of my apartment for a few years but now I’m reorganizing this place and I decided to move it to my son’s room (actually I had bought it for the kid’s room). It makes much more sense here, and I love the combination of this dark color with the light colors of the bed and the curtains.


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ikea | viktigt collection

Simple-black-ceramics-from-IKEA-VIKTIGT-collection Black-ceramics-from-IKEA-new-VIKTIGT-range New-IKEA-VIKTIGT-glassware IKEA-VIKTIGT-water-bottle.-To-be-released-in-May IKEA-VIKTIGT-white-glass-ceramics Simple-white-ceramics-from-IKEA-VIKTIGT-collectionMy frequent travels to Italy include a few intensive trips to the local Ikea! I got very excited when I saw the pictures of this new collection (to be released in may, sic!!) I find it simple and refined at the same time and I literally can’t wait to put my hands on it. It was conceived with the collaboration of swedish ceramist Ingegerd Raman, honestly I didn’t know her but she seems to have a great past in swedish glass and ceramic design.


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my latest work for lyr handcraft

IMG_20160120_075533 IMG_20160120_071742 IMG_20160120_074914 IMG_20160120_093443 IMG_20160120_093716

I styled some products for LyR handcraft just a few days before I left Buenos Aires for my summer holidays. It was a pleasure to work again with such beautiful products. These are some of the shootings. Now I’m trying to relax and spend time with my family in the Alps, but I have many news for the weeks to come, so stay tuned!

Justo antes de irme a Italia de vacaciones hice otro shooting para LyR handcraft, ha sido como siempre un placer, es tan lindo trabar con objetos tan lindos. Ahora estoy tratando de descansar y de aprovechar de la familia y de las montañas, pero tengo muchas novedades para los meses a venir!

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