A real mood board

IKEA_Livet_hemma_kreativ_plIt’s very useful to collect inspiration in a real place, a place that you can touch with your hand, not only in a virtual one, such as a pc or a blog. Instead of using masking tape many bright minds incorporated an ordinary metallic net (the one that you can easily spot in any construction site) to their home office, using the structure to hang inspiring images and objects. I loved the idea the moment I saw it but I never got one for my own place, we thought it might be difficult to get it perfectly cut, we also thought it might be dangerous for our little son, maybe we were just too lazy to go and get it?!? Well I just realised that Ikea is now selling a metallic net, well finished, with no sharp pointed sticks. I guess this is the first thing I’ll buy when I go back to Italy in a couple of months. I was almost forgetting to mention the beautiful styling in this photo by Pella Hedeby for Ikea Livet Hemma.

He visto en muchos blogs la idea de usar un malla metalica que se usa en las construcciones como estructura para armar mood boards, la idea me parece genial pero al final nunca la llevé a cabo en mi casa, porque temía que mi hijo se podría lastimar, o simplemente por fiaca. Pero me parece que este modelo de Ikea si me lo voy a comprar!

Si vedono spesso nei blog reti metalliche da cantiere usate come supporto per moodboards, l’idea è geniale ma io non l’ho mai portata a termine, per pigrizia probabilmente, per cui vedere questo modello di rete prodotto da Ikea mi ha reso molto felice, ora devo solo percorrere 10000 km e sarà  mio!


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