Hay x ikea

hayxikeabagbutinthemeantime hayxikeachairbutinthemeantimeThe news of the week is that HAY designed a few pieces for IKEA to be released in 2017. Among them I’m excited to see the blue shopping bag in forest green and white. I think it looks much better with the new colors, I’m particularly fond of this item, it’s useful to carry around all the stuff you need, especially for stylists and photographers!! I actually thought more than once to make it in a different color and fabric, but I guess now I’ll just have to wait a few more months.

The green chair was also designed by HAY along with other light furniture such as a bench, a wood table and a lamp.

hayxikeabenchbutinthemeantims hayxikeatablebutinthemeantime hayxikealampbutinthemeantime

I’ll defenitly go for a couple of shopping bags and the lamp!

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