New coffee table


Here is a picture of my livingroom with the new Ikea Svalsta coffee table. The coffee table has actually been a major problem since we moved in three years ago! Somehow we never found one that we really liked (imported furniture slowly desappeared from the market a couple of years ago, so forget about all the scandinavian brands I adore), then we thought about a marble and steel one, but my husband wasn’t so sure he liked marble, once we ordered a wooden and steel table that we returned the moment we saw it (it was really poorly finished)… We ended up using a couple of Ikea PS 2012 tables that now went back to our bedroom as bedside tables. So I can say I’m happy to finally have a set of proper tables in front of the sofa. The idea was to paint them black, but now I’m not so sure anymore. We’ll see!

Ecco il mio soggiorno con i nuovi tavolini Ikea Svalsta. Quella del tavolino per noi é stata una vera e propria odissea, tra l’impossibilitá di trovare un modello che ci piacesse veramente qui in Argentina e la difficoltá di trasportare ció che invece ci piaceva tantissimo dall’Italia a qui… Alla fine dopo anni di attesa ho trovato questi bei tavolinetti da Ikea, molto economici ma soprattutto trasportabilissimi! Inizialmente pensavo di dipingerli di nero ma adesso non sono piú cosi convinta, per un po’ li terremo cosí.

Me traje estas mesitas divinas de Ikea, pensaba pintarlas de negro pero ahora no estoy tan segura, creo que van a estar así en natural por un rato.


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