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Last thursday I went to the opening of a very interesting art exhibition at MALBA called Polesello Joven. It was about the early works of argentine optical artist Rogelio Polesello. Here is a selection of my favourites, the quality of the images is poor cause I took them with my phone (someone had told me that pofessional cameras were forbidded, although I saw quite a few people with their reflex and even a couple of tripods, damn me!!) whatever, I really enjoyed the exhibition and if you live in Buenos Aires or plan to visit the city in the next few months make sure you don’t miss it. I might go back myself to get better quality photos and turn them into posters, that wouldn’t be a bad idea at all!

Giovedì scorso sono stata all’inaugurazione della mostra di Rogelio Polesello al MALBA. Nonostante la folla e la mancanza della mia macchina fotografica sono riuscita ad immortalare le mie opere preferite. La qualità è da cellulare ma mi piacerebbe tornare e con più calma e mezzi scattare delle foto per farne dei poster.


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