Stunning swedish home

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I fell in love with this beautiful old swedish home, the colour of the stairs and of the boiserie in the dining room looks great. My husband and I were considering the idea of moving sometime soon. We love our apartment and the idea of selling it makes me feel really sad, but it’s true that if we have an other child we’ll need an extra room. So I had this fantasy of moving into an old french style apartment, or into a huge old house (but for that we should move to an other neighborhood…) Well, for the moment it’s fine to dream and if we had to move to Sweden I guess this home here would be perfect for us!!! This is my selection but you can see the rest of the pics at Fantastic Frank’s site.

A veces con mi marido fantaseamos con mudarnos y si bien la idea de vender nuestro depto me mata, me divierte pensar en un piso antiguo o en una casa vieja para reciclar, como las de villa crespo (que ahora me enteré que cuestan una fortuna así que este proyecto quederá en nuestros sueños!!) Pero es sabido que los sueños son gratis así que hoy me perdí en esta lindisima casa del sur de Suecia, que lindo sería vivir ahí aun que sea un par de meses!!

via Ollie and Seb’s House

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  2. stefania says:

    Bellissima casa infatti, amo lo stile scandinavo, sia quello più tradizionale che quello moderno a partire dagli anni 40 e 50.
    Grigio, bianco, nero, legno chiaro, finestre enormi e tantissima luce. Non dispiacerebbe neanche a me questa casa 😉

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