Summer feeling

SFD83C7E697F39B449781B735707478D7A5_2200x SFD010A057920AC4EC8A833E05F191F4ABD_2200x SFDE999A3245E2A436BBB7350B4B4C6620D_2200x SFDE2C86D31E44548F6B8CB15BA4E7F844E_2200xSFDFD732C7DB126424CB2CF5D05088A0066_2200xThe light in this apartment put me in a summer mood just when we are heading to winter. Is it the easy and unformal decoration? Or maybe it’s the open windows and the fan… Ayway, I wouldn’t mind waking up in this nice Stockholm place tomorrow morning!! Good night everyone!

La luce di questo appartamento mi ha fatto venire voglia d’estate proprio quando qui sta arrivando l’inverno! Sarà l’arredamento semplice ed informale, o le finestre aperte e il ventilatore..mah.. Non mi dispiacerebbe svegliarmi in questo letto domattina! Buona notte!

via Fantastic Frank 

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